What information do we need to provide while registering?

The registration takes hardly more than 5 minutes. The details that we ask for are extremely basic. The information might range from contact numbers, email ids, location, valid documents stating experience as an enterprise. For your benefits, you may add your charges, hours of work, and other specific information that you consider important.


How can I revert to a customer’s concern?

Our team works day and night to make sure all necessary information reaches your customers. You will get automated mail from our team. The mail shall include a link that will direct you to the customer’s query, you may take on the responsibility from then onwards.


What are the charges for registration?

The most commonly asked question is about the charges. We are a trustworthy register. We provide free listing services initially for all our registrants. If you are satisfied with our services, you are free to opt for a premium package that promises advanced benefits.


Do I get updates about my listing?

Our team is always alert if a new enrollee joins us on any particular day. As soon as the registration is completed, you shall receive an automated mail, confirming your enlisting. Furthermore, you shall receive emails every time a customer visits your profile. All relevant information shall be conveyed via mails.


 How does updating all information help me?

Incomplete information may raise suspicion in customers. If you want to enjoy maximum reach then updating your information regularly would be beneficial. For example, if you have two contact numbers then you should provide both. If you follow such precision, then you may never face the problems of losing out on a customer.


When can I expect to see growth?

We guarantee your growth through our business listing opportunities. However, it is your services and charisma that would help you to excel in your industry. If you have the caliber, you shall make good use of the bridge that we offer you. Hence we ask you to fill in the information on your listing error-free. Any error in contact details could lead to the loss of customers. Try to highlight the cons of hiring you. Let the customers know why you should be picked instead of the others. Be crisp with the overview. If you follow every step with proper precision and be patient, you shall see considerable growth before you had expected it to come.